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Industrial Development

If you need a rail serviceable site or want to take advantage of our efficient and affordable transloading service, the GJR is your partner in developing a solution right for your company. Whether you are looking to expand an existing facility in Guelph or looking for a from-scratch solution, we have the expertise to assist you in creating the most efficient transportation solution for your company.


Not every company needs direct access to a rail line but does need access to rail for its efficiency and low shipping costs. Transloading is the solution we can provide. With transloading, the GJR can help you set up a network of trucks to get your goods to the closest rail depot and on their way to market. The GJR has a well-developed network that will allow us to transload shipments both large and small. If rail was not part of your shipping equation because you thought it was too difficult or inefficient to move your product to a rail depot, contact us and we’ll see what solutions we can create for you.

Railcar Storage

The GJR expands with the customer. As you grow – we grow. Storage will never be an issue.

The GJR provides storage so that you never need to worry about where to keep your surplus railcars. Whether storing one car or one hundred, the GJR has the capacity to meet your railcar storage needs. Contact us for storage fees and pricing.

In addition, you will receive 1 free car storage credit for every 100 cars you bring to Guelph.

Additional Services and Tariffs

Looking for more? GJR offers:

  • 45 minutes of free switching charges
  • Rail car switching as requested
  • Rail yard inspections
  • Track and facility maintenance

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